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Guess what?  All those years I wanted to change my name… I’m so glad I didn’t.

As a child (and still to this day) I get compared to Kirby, the pink marshmallow in a video game.  Sometimes people get a little mixed up and call me “The Love Bug” (sorry guys, that was Herbie).  However, I have learned after 23 years that it’s been a blessing that my mom named me Kirbie. 

I am usually the only person in my entire office with my name, which makes it easier to recognize who is talking to me.  People only need to say my first name in order for me to know they’re addressing me.  And more than likely people remember it, especially when they realize I’m not a boy!

The point?  Today I wrote author Emily Giffin.  She’s so great because she opens up her Facebook to all of her fans, so anyone can write on her wall and she’ll  respond.  I have been working on two books: one nonfiction, one fiction — and God has been steadily guiding me in my writing.  I’ve felt compelled to take classes but didn’t know if that would ruin the innocence of the project, but Facebook had an ad for UCLA’s writing program (target marketing at its best) which has me considering a night class once a week.

I wrote on Emily’s wall asking her if I should take the class.  She was a lawyer before she was an author, and I was interested in her thoughts on taking classes.  She told me they couldn’t hurt, and more importantly let me know that she named a character after me in her new book!  She loved my name and wanted to use it.  She briefly mentioned this when I met her this summer, but I didn’t think she’d actually go for it. 

“Kirbie!!! Guess what? A character in my new book has your name after you!! 🙂 I think i might spell it with a Y though to throw people off the scent… You certainly can take a class, but it’s not necessary. It couldn’t hurt! Good luck.”

I cannot wait to see what type of character Kirbie with a “Y” turns out to be!  Whenever her next book comes out, you’ll know that the inspiration for the name was me 🙂

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