Keeping the Right Perspective

What are you Magnifying?
“If you think about a magnifying glass, its purpose is to make objects or text on a page appear larger than they are in reality. When you magnify something, you don’t actually change the size of the object, you change your perspective of it.”  Read the full post here.

“If you complain, you will remain.  If you sing praise, you will raise.”  Other articles on perspective.

“It’s impossible for a discouraging seed to root itself in a grateful attitude.” 
“If you had one hour, who would you call, what would you say and what are you waiting for?”


These are all quotes and posts from Joel Osteen, who delivered a beautiful message to me this morning (via podcast). 

Bedside Blessing, 9/14

“Why does God lead up through desert places?  That He might humble us, that He might test us, and that the true condition of our hearts might be revealed.  Not that God might come to know you (He already does), but that you might come to know you.  There is nothing like the desert to help you discover the real you.  When you strip away all of the trappings, peel off all the masks, and shed all the phony costumes, you begin to see a true identity — a face that hasn’t emerged for years.  Maybe never.”

Put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.  Ephesians 4:24

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