Launched in July 2019, beauty journalists and IRL friends Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan break down beauty trends, ingredients and need-to-know launches on Gloss Angeles. With over 10 years in the industry, Johnson and Tan edu-tain their listenrs on all things beauty, like how to properly use retinol to why taking melatonin might be worse for your sleeping habits.

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Each week they take on a new subject and new guests, from industry insiders like Mario Dedivanovic, Renée Rouleau, Charlotte Cho, Sharon Chuter and Dr. Michelle Henry to celebrities like Selena Gomez, Laverne Cox, Jonathan Van Ness, Lana Condor and Barbie Ferreira.

Gloss Angeles has been featured on Teen Vogue, Nylon and Allure as a need-to-know podcast; their episodes have been picked up by Entertainment Tonight, InStyle, People, The Daily Mail, Us Weekly and more.

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