Happy Birthday

I am officially old.  My baby brother, Nick, who really isn’t a baby, turns 18 today. 

I remember when he was born and how I gave him his first bath.  He was born on 9/14 and weighed 9 pounds, 14 ounces.  He literally was the size of a toddler when he was born.

I have so many fond memories of him.  I dressed him up as a My Size Barbie (sorry Nick).  I made him listen to *NSYNC.  And he was so cute, like a little cherub angel.  My favorite memory has to be either his love for country music and Woody (from Toy Story) or when he would crawl around on the ground and pick lint off the carpet and shove it up his nose.  He was hilarious.

We also had this rooster at one point (don’t get me started) who would chase Nick around the yard.  It was hilarious!  He would just giggle and giggle, while my grandmother was terrified Petey would peck him to death. 

He referred to sandwiches and “wey-ga-sis” and called his backpack a “pack-pack.”  And more than likely every night he’d climb into my bed to sleep. 

Now he is not so little.  Everyone thinks he’s my older brother when we’re together.  But he is still so sweet.  Love you Nick, hope you enjoy your 18th birthday!  Don’t go to Twin Liquors! 🙂

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