Pranks part II

Guess I’m sleeping on the roof tonight guys
Don’t worry, if you’re wondering if I ever got “pranked” back, well, yes. I did. And at first it was funny until a lot of things went downhill.

I’m going to say this: I was never mad at the fact that they pranked me. I got mad that they didn’t bother to help me out in the end, nor did their prank come anywhere near the harmless pranks I was playing. However great job ladies… you got me.
One quiet night it was time to have our weekly exec meeting. So we all got cooped up in Katelin’s room to talk about… well, nothing. I don’t think Molly (a bff) had anything to do with this but then again who knows. And even though Lindsey is a bff we both like to make each other as miserable as we possibly can, so she was totally in on the prank.
SO, we’re all sitting in the meeting not doing much of anything. I’m wondering out loud if we can leave because I was in the middle of writing three separate papers and all that jazz. Little did I know that when I walked out of Katelin’s room that all hell had broken loose in the Thouse. I’m pretty sure every girl living there had recruited a friend or boyfriend to help play the most massive trick possible.
I don’t even remember how I realized what was going on, but I do remember going upstairs and seeing my bed linens strewn all over the hall on the third floor (I was on the second floor). Cue instant screaming. I’m talking like Regina George style in Mean Girls. This helped to get everyone more excited because it marked that I realized what was going on. I make my way downstairs to my entire room toliet papered and shaving creamed – not to mention a gaggle of Thetas were outside watching and smiling. Out of consideration they shut my computer before demolishing my desk with shaving cream – however, they didn’t know that if you closed my computer it would completely shut off and would not under any circumstance recover any documents, or say, massive papers due the next day.

Guess I should shave my legs now.
It wasn’t over. Where were my beds!? I lived in a room alone and had two beds to myself. I ran downstairs to find my mattresses outside – one in a tree and one on the roof. Seriously? FML. Not to mention every bra I owned was connected and strewn about in a tree like Christmas lights.
It’s a bird… it’s a… well?
Haha, funny guys! Jokes over. Now, help me get my mattresses!
Not one person helped. So, I got the mattress I could get (the one in the tree) and hauled it upstairs to my room. A dear friend in the pledge class below me, Christin, came up to my room around 1:00 am with my other mattress – she had gotten a guy to help her get it off the roof.
I think the kicker was that after I took a late shower I went to my drawer only to find NO UNDERWEAR. Not one piece. After sternly asking around, I finally got out of someone that my panties were currently freezing in the kitchen.
Did I deserve to be pranked? Sure. The whole thing would have been more comical had I not had to start over my papers. But frankly I felt kind of flattered that everyone in the house worked so hard to get me back. 🙂

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One thought on “Pranks part II

  1. NO way! I was not involved in the prank, as I was too busy being tortured by the exec meeting! Remember the time during rush you went up to Katelin and told her crazy mccrazy had shown up? THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!!

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