October is the best month for pranks. Being as festive as I am, I would decorate the Theta House every year, without fail, so that I could feel for at least a month that I was living in a home and not a sorority house.

With all the decorating came long hours of me standing on ladders to hang spiderwebs, hauling bags upon bags of M&Ms and candy corn into the Thouse, and a lot of quiet. So obviously I would do things to entertain myself. For instance, as I’d paste up door sized skeletons in the stairwell I would hide around the corner once I heard someone entering the stairs or exiting the hall. I would then jump out and scare the living bejeezus out of them… it was amusing and I continued to do this to almost everyone in the house.
When they weren’t praising me for my wonderful decor, my Theta sisters were fearing me. Yes, I was “that girl,” the one running around and scaring everyone. If you hadn’t been scared in the hall, no worries, I would find a way. Turning off bathroom lights, hiding in closets, jumping out of doorways – basically I was the biggest pain in the a$$ the Thouse had ever experienced.
Looking back, I know I felt what I was doing was innocent. But some people don’t take to being scared that well. I probably should have toned it down… but alas go big or go home, right?
Besides scaring people, I got one of my closest friends, Lara, to help me with a prank. It wasn’t anything except completely idiotic, but we got on google and searched… ahem, “male genitalia” if you will and printed out pictures of weird photos before sliding them under closed doors, taping them up and making them desktop backgrounds (nobody locked their door in the Theta house). We got a huge kick out of the fact that even though I was creating all kinds of chaos in the house that nobody (except Lindsey, one of my best friends) knew it was me and Lara doing all of this. It was also highly amusing standing in the hall and hearing “OH MY GOD! EW!” or hysterical laughter.
Once that prank was over, it was time to move on to bigger and better pranks. At this point I was on the executive committee in the sorority and had grown close to a lot of my executive peers. Our harmlessly frivolous and self-deprecating President, Katelin, went through the ringer with our sorority, dealing with all kinds of shenanigans. I can’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say that Katelin had somewhat of a “weirdo stalker.” Lindsey, our VP of Development had various experiences with this “stalker” on certain occasions and it was pretty much known that this person was completely insane.
My idea? Well, I was going to need to solicit the help my fellow executives. First, what would be the prank? I was going to somehow change my number in Katelin’s phone to the name of the stalker. Then I was going to send some terrifying text messages just to see what happened.
How was this to happen? Well, it went down pretty perfectly. Lindsey enters Katelin’s room on the first floor acting very serious, basically demanding Katelin come up to her third floor room. Once that happens, our friend Laura is hiding in Lindsey’s closet, and Courtney is waiting in the room. To keep Katelin occupied, Courtney tells her that there is a huge problem, being that one of our new members was pregnant. This was completely false however it pretty much allowed me to run downstairs, change the name and get back to my room before anyone noticed.
However, this was a serious issue after all, so Katelin kept wanting to talk and talk and talk about the options. Laura, still hiding in the closet, was keeping me updated as to if she sounded like she might head back to the first floor or not. When she finally did leave, I sent a text message. I can’t really remember what it said, but it was something to the effect of “Katelin, we really need to talk.” Katelin gets this as I coincidentally bypass her in the hall. She thinks it’s kind of weird but quickly forgets about it.
At this point me, Lindsey, Courtney and Laura are all together on the stairwell looking at Katelin on the first floor. I had just send my next message, which was, “I’m outside your window, let me in.” Or something. I really can’t remember, but what I *can* remember is the look of sheer terror on Katelin’s ghost white face when she got that text. She kind of yelled, ran up the stairs and stumbled onto the ground. And then cried.
Uh, whoops! That was NOT the reaction I was going for. At this point the rest of us are crying too, however it was of the laughter kind. Katelin seemed pretty disoriented at this point until we told her not to worry, her crazy psycho stalker was not outside her window… it was just me.
Needless to say I felt pretty crappy about it the next day but it was a memory I’ll never forget.

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2 thoughts on “Pranks

  1. I will never forget this moment. It will definitely resurrect itself on my blog someday soon 🙂 Awesomeness. I don't think I've ever been 'had' that badly!

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