"The bewitching hour is about to begin!"

Winifred Sanderson: WHY? Why was I cursed with such IDIOT sisters?
Sarah: Just lucky, I guess. “

Ohhh how I love thee, Hocus Pocus.

And how I LOVE YOU October! Great things happen in October. First and foremost, it’s Halloween month. If you don’t know me, then you don’t know how much I truly adore this holiday. I grew up with probably the best Halloween experiences in the world; I lived the the Halloween parade at school – I was never “too cool” to dress up – and I had probably (in my own opinion) the most coveted Halloween party for 13 good years. Without fail, my mom would dress up at the Wicked Witch and invite over a handful (then a gaggle, then dozens) of my friends for games, ghost stories and of course a ton of treats which would culminate in a sleepover and a huge breakfast the next morning. Eventually this turned into seeing a scary movie or hitting up a haunted house; my outfits went from Cinderella to Britney Spears. We’d inevitably have about a million pieces of random costumes left at our house – a mad scientist beaker, a Miss America sash, cat ears, etc.

This annual party brought me the best of memories.

Maybe that’s why I totally decked out the apartment last Friday. Who cares if it wasn’t even October then! I’m pretty sure Ali and Val are enjoying my decorating efforts along with the abundance of Theta mix in the living room.

Skull of boyfriend’s past, the infamous Theta mix and a little pun’kin

I hope you all enjoyed the design change on the blog – it’s pretty festive, right? I mean I have the Michael Jackson “Thriller” look down pretty good in my photo, don’tcha think? 🙂

The sliding-glass door decor

Anyway, expect a lot of fun stories reminiscing of some of the best experiences I have had in this wonderful month of October.

Happy Haunting!!!

AH! Nomi!!!! Casper is upon you!

Black lights = necessary for random dance parties

Candy corn string lights (too bad you can’t see the detail)

Contrary to popular belief, I clean the kitchen daily and these spiderwebs are not the result of laziness.

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2 thoughts on “"The bewitching hour is about to begin!"

  1. Oh my little pretty, (wicked witch voice implied) you are so cute! And I miss those days of decorating the house for your parties!!!! I miss all the girls at my house and all the fun we had! I have the house decorated for Halloween here in Texas too! I miss you soooo much! But I am sooo happy you have fond memories and are keeping the tradition alive!!!! XO

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