What do I have to do…

… to get Ellen’s job? We have to be kindred spirits because I get too much gratification watching other people get scared to death.

I want a job where in October, I can spend every ounce of energy I have pranking and scaring the ever-living crap out of people.  It’s literally my favorite thing to do.

So of course I was thoroughly amused when Ellen had David Beckham perform a hidden camera prank on an unsuspecting masseuse.  PS: Why are people with accents so darn cute?!


Also, this is still my favorite scare of all time.  Ellen’s laugh makes it 10x better than she originally intended, reminds me of my mommis when she laughs 🙂


And here’s a compilation of all her best scares… I love Kellie Pickler’s reaction! haha!