Where the Wild Things Are = THE TERROR!!!

Okay. I admit, I haven’t seen classics like The Sound of Music. And I haven’t read classics like Where the Wild Things Are. I don’t know the reasoning for this. However, I do know that the trailers for the movie are enough to scare me silly.

I’m intrigued by the movie and in fact plan on seeing it. However, I’m intrigued because I think I might be absolutely terrified by it. It’s like a car crash. It’s horrifying but people still slow down to look. It’s like me… horrified but determined to still torture myself.
Anyway, as I was getting my hair did at the salon I read an article on Spike Jonze, the director of the film. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about the film:
– It’s not a children’s film, even though it’s about a child.
– The book is not a children’s book, even though it’s about a child (via Maurice Sendak).
– Universal dropped the film because it wasn’t what they thought it was going to be.
– Warner Brothers was very skeptical about the film because it was not “made for children.”
– The journalist writing the article told Spike that even he, as a grown man, didn’t feel old enough to see the film.
– Reportedly, children left the screening screaming and crying.
I feel relieved to hear all this. Because every time the trailer comes on and that song that goes “L – O, V – E, it’s a myst-ery,” I feel a little churning in my stomach like I might barf. It’s a scary song with scary voices and not to mention SCARY monsters are appearing on the screen. Yes, these “things” are scary. You’d be crazy not to think so. I mean, look at the above “thing” and tell me it’s not slightly horrifying.
However, lest us not forget my intense fear of Alice in Wonderland and, particularly, the Cheshire Cat. This is essentially an Alice in Wonderland story – the boy, who is slightly rambunctious, runs away to a land where the wild “things” are; by himself, with no one to help him (essentially like Alice). Now, I haven’t read Things (all 10 pages) but I’m sure it’s somewhat similar to what I said above. Hence why I’m terrified. Also, HELLO! Huge toothy grins? Totally cheshire cat-esque.
I will say it’s awesome that the “things” are puppets and not just CGI characters. I think this is more enticing for people to see the movie because we’ll be able to view something that is somewhat real instead of something computer animated.
Also, here’s an interesting tidbit: did you know that Maurice started the book originally using horses instead of “things?” His publisher told him he couldn’t draw horses very well and that, well, surely he could draw a “thing!” He modeled the things off his aunts and uncles.
I mean, I’m pretty sure my aunts and uncles would be pissed if I said I modeled “things” off of them and they looked like giant cats.
You can see Where the Wild Things Are in theaters on October 16th.

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One thought on “Where the Wild Things Are = THE TERROR!!!

  1. I still can't, for the life of me understand why you are so horrified by Cheshire cat, the "things" you speak about here, clowns and chuckie cheese…but you've been a poor little tortured soul your whole little life by these things. Why you live to scare the crap outta yourself I will never know, but I will say Im proud of you for facing your fears head on Little Babis o'mine! Boo! :))))

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