We were bought at a price

You know, we all go through struggles in life.  We all have hardships.  But I doubt that most of us had or are having the struggle of fighting in a war, or the hardship of losing a friend, a limb, our vision; losing a father, a son, or a brother (a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter) in combat. 

Puts things in perspective doesn’t it?  Most of us have jobs where we can comfortably sit behind a desk and get our work done.  And frankly, a lot of the work we are doing is meaningless compared to what our troops are working for: our freedom and safety.

When I worked at the salon, one of my bosses looked at me during a particular draining day.  We were both worn out.  The customers were freaking out about issues that really matter in life: their hair color, the wait time, not having soy milk for their coffee.  Everything appeared to be in shambles.  She stopped and said, “Kirbie, it’s just poo.”  I gave her a puzzled look.  “It’s just shampoo.” 

She was right.  We were not fighting in a war, negotiating world peace, engaging in rocket science.  We weren’t performing surgery or fighting to keep our lives.  No, we were washing hair, coloring it and styling it.  From then on, I was determined to not let another client who had the luxury of getting a $190 haircut or $300 dye job change my perspective or alter my mood, just because they didn’t get the discount they expected or their head massage wasn’t long enough (in their opinion). 

So next time you start to complain about the hardship you’re going through: you’re not getting paid enough, you don’t enjoy your job, your bed isn’t comfortable, you are homesick, you don’t like your haircut (makes me laugh that people consider that a hardship) etc., just remember that there are people whose job is to fight for our freedom,  and sadly a lot of them are paying for it with their own lives. 


Happy Veterans Day!  Thank you for all for everything. 

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