Cream of the Crop

Hey everyone!

Here is the Cream of Corn Chicken Soup that I promised you.

Garnish with sun-dried tomatoes, mmm

This is the easiest recipe EVER!

You’ll need:

– Frozen or canned corn (or buy a corn cob).  I opted for fire roasted frozen corn.
– Chicken breasts
– Cream of Corn soup (I bought Creamy Corn and Roasted Red Pepper soup from Trader Joes)
– A crock pot

  • Clean chicken appropriately.  Cut into nugget-sized pieces and put it in the crock pot
  • Pour half of the bag of corn (or around 2.5 cups) in with the chicken
  • Use two cups of the soup (or around two cans — in my case, half of the carton) and mix in with the corn and chicken
  • I added in some All Spice and Cayenne Pepper to kick it up a notch
  • Place lid on and cook on low for eight hours or high for four hours

I let this cook overnight and when I woke up this morning the aroma was literally dragging me into the kitchen!  As the chicken cooks, it releases juice so you don’t have to worry about adding in chicken broth.  I’m thinking about adding in potatoes or maybe some pasta next time.  I went ahead and put a little more soup to the mix because the concoction thickened while cooking. 

Voila!  Bon appetit.  A great dish for a cold night in 🙂  Enjoy!  (I’ll post pics later.)

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