"Show Passion."

My internet is offensively, annoying slow so I’ll post a better blog tomorrow… but for now, here is a scripture accompanied by the Bedside Blessing I read a few nights ago.  Tonight’s Glee episode regarding bullying and compassion for others reminded me of it.  The blessing itself reminded me of the post I wrote last week, “Pay It Forward.”

Mostly, it reminded me of my late Media Ethics professor, Phil Record.  He was an amazing man.  Sadly, he passed away on Halloween.  He suffered from a heart attack while driving.  I remember throughout his class that he didn’t just teach us textbook facts; he didn’t teach what typical professors teach.  It was an ethics class, and he taught us how to live life right.  He taught us how to be good people, and what we should do, not what we could do.  It was the best class I ever had at TCU.  Before she graduated, he told my friend Rebekah, when she asked for the best advice he could give her, to “show passion.”  May he rest in peace.

On that note, when we do something for someone else, we shouldn’t expect applause, acclaim, or even recognition.  We shouldn’t do it expecting a favor or anything in return.  When we’re kind and loving to someone, when we reach out to them; when we do something to help, to heal or  to remove a burden from their shoulders, we do it because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s God’s way of doing things: when someone is in need, we help them.  I’d also like to think that even when people are not in need, we help them regardless.  Everyone can use compassion and love in their lives.

As one understanding soul expressed it: “Compassion is not a snob gone slumming.  It’s a real trip down inside the broken heart of a friend.”  Parceling out this kind of compassion will elicit no whistles or loud applause.  In fact, the best acts of compassion will never be known to the masses.  Nor will fat sums of money be dumped into your lap because you are committed to being helpful. Normally, acts of mercy are done in obscurity with no thought (or receipt) of monetary gain.

Dispense true justice and practice kindness and compassion each to his brother.  Zechariah 7:9

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