If you are reading this…

… then you are reading my blog.  Obviously.  However, I know that more than 63 of you read this thing.  How?  Get weekly stats on how many people read.  And it’s more than 63.  Which is the amount of followers I currently have right now.

Point being?  You should be ASHAMED if you are not following me on Google Friend Connect!  It’s easy!  Just click on “Follow” on the top left side of my page.  It’ll take two minutes.

You should be especially ashamed if you are a friend or family member and you’re showing up as one of my followers.  Yeah, I’m pulling the guilt trip here.  When you follow me, it gives me more exposure to other bloggers, companies, employers, etc. 

Help me out, por favor!

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One thought on “If you are reading this…

  1. Haha, I'm not sure if I want to follow you yet. :-)I discovered this blog as a result of clicking through Twitter when you were retweeted regarding an Xbox Kinect event. I thought, "Who is this girl, and why is her excitement for a media event important enough to be retweeted by a Microsoft rep?" After perusing your Twitter wall, I jumped to your blog and read a few posts, particularly the one about guys rating women on a 10-scale. I was intrigued, sufficiently to check back today after Twitter reminded me that I checked your profile recently.I still haven't found an answer to my question, but at least I've appreciated your blog and perspective. Maybe this entry didn't add any followers (yet), but at least one person piped up. :-)Thanks for the Dan Rather quote about the women of Texas, by the way. I recently went on a date with a proud Texan, and I'm sure she'd appreciate hearing it, if she hasn't already.Best of luck,Jon

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