Get a Kik out of your cell phone experience

You’re either a Mac or a PC.  Vanilla or Chocolate.  Or in this case, iPhone or Blackberry.

I can’t imagine not having an iPhone.  I never would have bought one for myself (thought they were too expensive), but I was gifted one the day they came out in 2007 and haven’t been without one since.  I love that I can listen to my iPhone and take calls… I like that it functions well with my Mac at home.

People who have Blackberries (??? I dont know how to make this plural) tend to call them their Crackberry.  They are obsessed with BBM, something us iPhone users have had little experience with.

What’s so great about BBM?  It’s a real-time chat function for Blackberry users.  You can see when someone has received your message and even when it’s been read.  It tells you when someone is online and when they’re typing back to you.  Kind of terrifying, kind of awesome.

But this feature only worked with other Blackberry users.  Now that Kik has come out, iPhone, Blackberry and Android users can all be united.

Kik is as platform for all three of these phones that allows us to have the same capablities as BBM.  Once you download the app, you can enter your phone number and it will pull contacts from your phone and connect you to those people who have Kik.  Or you can choose to not fill in your number and manually search for people by their pin (username). 

I didn’t know how I’d feel about having this sort of function of my phone.  As I told my mom, I don’t think I’d like people knowing when I read their message or knowing when other people read mine, especially if I/they don’t respond.  Then again, I don’t know who I’d be talking to who would flat out ignore me (and vice versa), so I guess I have nothing to worry about.  Hence why I really like the app!  Keep you accountable, haha!

It has only been launched for about two weeks and already has 1,000,000 users.  Wow!  There are apparently 25,000 new users every hour.  Crazy right?

Kik is faster than normal SMS messaging, which is why I enjoy it.  Go ahead and download the app and then add me as one of your friends!  🙂

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