Go Elf Yourself!

This will never get old to me.  I could Elf Myself all year long if Office Max would let me!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Office Max, every Holiday season, starts up Elf Yourself.  You take your photo (or other people’s) and turn yourself into a dancing elf!  Amazing!

I’ve been doing this for four straight years now.  Who knows when Office Max actually founded Elf Yourself, but I’m so glad they did.

It was very simple at first: nothing too glitzy.  You would put your face on an Elf body and let it dance around to whatever Christmas song you chose.  However, one of the best parts of the older software was that you could call the Elf Yourself hotline and sing/speak/what-have-you for 30 seconds, then they would speed up your voice to sound like a chipmunk and play it while you were dancing around.  Hilarity insued in my dorm room once we figured out this feature!  And you can bet my Mom and Dad got a slew of about 50-60 Elf Yourselves with me singing different carols (God bless them).  I think the “wee wah” version of each song was busted out quite of few times as well.

Here’s my first Elf Yourself of the season.  It would be a crying SHAME if I didn’t include the Glee cast in on this one.  I wish they would have let me include the entire ensemble, but I had to go with Finn, Rachel, Mr. Shue and of course Sue Sylvester.  My favorite part has to be when Sue and Mr. Shue shimmy or Finn in general.  I’m so glad I did this!!!

Go Elf Yourself… it’s literally the best thing ever.

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