Full Time Fabulous

Hey everyone!

One thing I LOVE utilizing my blog for is supporting friends with endeavors they have set upon — shouldn’t friends be the first people you help anyway?  Not to get all emotional here, but last night I read a great Bedtime Blessing in which the scripture was “A friend loves at all times.” — Proverbs 17:17

Let me introduce you to Kendall Shiffler.  I originally knew Kendall as the big sister of my friend Bailey; an extremely involved and creative individual.  She gave me the inspiration for my Sex and the City of Angels party after hearing how she got a ton of free swag just by asking people.  Now I follow her on LowerOakLawn.com (she’s a social media marketer in Dallas, so jealous!).  She also has a really fantastic website, Entertaining Life, that I’m pretty much obsessed with.  Between blogging, tweeting and being a glamorous hostess, she manages to also design blogs and websites.

What else is Kendall great at?  Finding amazing online contests.  I need to start recruiting her to find some for me!  Kendall has now entered Sunglass Hut’s “Full Time Fabulous” contest.  Trust me, girlfriend doesn’t need to be any more fabulous, but the winner gets a pretty sweet deal:

  • $100,000 salary for one year
  • A fully furnished apartment in Manhattan
  • $1,000 styling allowance/month (I almost choked reading this)
  • VIP passes to fashion shows in NYC, Milan, Paris and more

This would be a great gig for Kendall, given her already wonderful talents in the world of social media.  Please go here to vote for her (you have to enter your e-mail and validate it), because it’s all voting-based.  She did a great job on the video (can you help me with my demo reel, K?)!


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2 thoughts on “Full Time Fabulous

  1. Okay Kirbie, you are too sweet for blogging this! Thanks for all the kind words and for encouraging your readers to go vote! Of course, your blog is one of my favs as well 🙂

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