Leap, and the net will appear

Woke up this morning feeling renewed and rejuvinated after an exhausting weekend.  I listened to Joyce Meyer’s podcast on emotional stability, which is a great reminder that you are in control of your own emotions.  We all have patience, self-control, what-have-you, because those things are within the spirit we have inside.  But it’s up to us to utilize those things and take advantage of them, which means being diligent and continuously working on those things.  Isn’t it great to know that you can feel however you want to feel?  You don’t have to stay upset, down or anxious because we control ourselves.

Then, on Twitter, Joel Osteen posted a short but comforting post about the same thing! “Choose what you mediate on and what you set before your eyes.” 

View his message here.

Hope every has a great start to the week!  New month, new week, new perspective.


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