"Love. It’s the final word."

Tonight I was watching the Emmy’s and during a montage, it was said:

“Love.  It’s the final word.”

As much as life can be hectic, draining, irritating; glorious, whimsical and surprising, everyone in life aspires to be happy, and I believe 100% of happiness is dependent on love.  Having love for others: your parents, your siblings, your whole family.  Your friends, who are the family we choose.  Loving someone as your better half, your counterpart, your inspiration and confidant.

Having love for what you do.  Your work is yours, and you spend more time doing that than you probably do with you own family.

Having love for yourself.  At the end of the day, it’s just you, baby.

And having love for God.  I know that faith has helped guide me.  It’s been something very special in my life and it’s helped me tremendously, especially this past year.

So if anything, friends, I hope you’re taking the extra time to love your friend who listens to you when you need it the most, love your parents even when they’ve told you something for the thousandth time, love yourself even when you feel like you’re not where you want to be or after you’ve made a mistake.  And when you find another person who you don’t go a day without thinking about, who you love regardless of the argument, who wants to be by your side regardless of any circumstance — someone who completes your dynamic duo, let them know!  Because really, what is life without love?  And lots of it?

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