I know what boys like

Don’t let the title deceive you, ladies.  I’m not posting to give you any type of relationship advice.

I have a few birthdays coming up that I desperately need to get gifts for.  However, a majority of these gifts will be for men.

Ugh.  Yes, I’ll admit it: I am not great with men’s gifts.  I always feel like I have to do something magnificent, when most guys would be fine with a pitcher of beer for their birthday.

However, I decided to do some internet research to find some things that are worth giving.

Kindle 3G Wireless, $189
I think anyone would be happy with a Kindle.  If the man you’re buying for is into technology or likes to read, you’ve hit a double with this buy.  It’s also useful for those college freshman who are having to buy book upon book for their English classes (my American Dream class required something like five or six books over the course of the semester).  Instead of carrying four or five books in his bag, he can scan through the Kindle to the book he actually needs.  Plus, it’s majorly discounted now that the iPad has been released!  $189?  That is a STEAL!

Framed Records
Have a musician in the fam?  Dating a guy that likes to strum the guitar?  I always think it’s fun to take music and make it into art.  Hit up your local vintage record store and frame his beloved band, artist, etc.  Another fun idea: give him a vinyl record frame!  Pretty neat. 

Fall is approaching which means cooler whether. You could say that the guys I tend to have (and do have) in my life aren’t into clothes.  Sure, they like a nice pair of jeans and a button down, but let’s face it: their idea of a shopping spree is hitting up Dick’s Sporting Goods (and I don’t blame them!  I love athletic gear!).  However, when it comes to coats, I think the best they can do for themselves is a windbreaker. I know one thing, it’s that everyone needs a nice jacket or coat to wear for the winter, especially with all of the holiday parties in full swing.


It’s going to cost you, but it’s an investment they’ll get good use out of.  This miliatry peacoat by Nautica is perfect — looks professional yet stylish, will keep him warm, and can dress up a pair of jeans.  Great for work or going out.  Check out GQ’s other recommendations for coats under $500.

Since I’m also a stylist for The Haberdasher, a male styling service, I get on ShopStyle and create looks for men.  Basically if a guy needs to look good and feels uncomfortable asking a friend or girlfriend to help, they come to me and I tell them what works for them and what doesn’t for the occasion.  I’m just getting started, but I plan on posting some of my looks on here once I get them put together!
Obsessed with Football game
Know a football fanatic?  Give him this trivia game to test his knowledge.  It’s a great group game and he’ll probably be satisfied quizzing himself.  I can see half the men I know turning this into a drinking game (it’s apparent that most of the dudes I know are 25 and under). 

Personalized Guitar Picks
Another music-related gift.  Most musicians that aren’t playing professionally wouldn’t bother getting a personalized pick.  However, if a baseball player can have a signature glove and a golfer can have his personalized clubs, why can’t a guitar player have a pick worth holding on to?  Steve Clayton USA offers has a website dedicated to designing your own pick!  Pretty nifty.  They come in packs of 100 so if he ends up losing one it’s no sweat. 

Power Balance bracelets
PB bracelets are pretty much the new LiveStrong bracelets; a fun gift for any athlete in your life.  Read up on Power Balance at the link above!

Tickets are one my favorite thing to give.  Perhaps your brother loves Aerosmith (Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, etc).  Get him a pair tickets to the concert!  Is your boyfriend a HUGE Colts fan?  Arrange for him to see a game.  This type of thing gets tricky with scheduling, traveling, accommodations and so on, but if you know the guy well enough then it’s worth the time and effort.  Also, I don’t know one person, male or female, who doesn’t enjoy a gift certificate towards flights.  Everyone likes to travel, so it’s a good way to help facilitate a weekend getaway or full-out vacay.

Wallets and accessories
From what I can tell, most guys hang on to wallets that they get as gifts. They don’t necessarily go “wallet shopping.”  They probably got one when they were 16 from their dad, which was most likely a hand-me-down, and have held onto it until it literally fell a part.  It’s a luxury to have a really nice wallet, because most people don’t want to spend a lot of money of that type of thing.

This isn’t a wallet, but it still holds money, so it counts.  Great for any (hardcore) sports fan.  And it’s not expensive either!
Denver Broncos money clip, $31.99


For the guy who wants to be trendy but not over-the-top, this monogram wallet by Gucci is discrete yet sophisticated.
Gucci monogram wallet, $223 on Bluefly

More Gucci…
Gucci at ShopStyle

A great alternative if you want a high quality, long-lasting wallet from a great brand.
Ted Baker monkey print wallet, $75.83 on ASOS

More Ted Baker…
Ted Baker at ShopStyle

Athletic Clothes
Doesn’t matter if it’s a new pair of sneakers, basketball shorts or dry-fit gear — I can guarantee your brother, dad, boyfriend or husband would be thrilled to get something sports related from you.  Just like the ladies enjoy putting on their new outfit to go out, guys dig putting on their new sports gear to go get a work-out in or to enjoy a game (don’t try to say otherwise, guys).  If you’re not sure which direction to go, get him a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card.  Make it more personal by picking out a new golf polo, grabbing him some basketball shoes, or gifting him a few dry-fit tops.
I’ve run out of suggestions, but hopefully this helps you in your search a gift or steers you in the right direction!

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