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The next two weeks are going to be great.  On Friday, I fly home to Austin to spend Labor Day in Texas!  It will be nice to be home to relax and enjoy The Great State.  I am celebrating my brother’s 18th birthday with my family which is going to be so weird!  I gave him his first bath as a baby!  How is he 18-years-old?  

I also plan on finding a place to enjoy the TCU v. Oregon State game.  I would have loved to have gone to the game since it’s going to be at Jerry’s World, but not having a car makes it a bit difficult to get to DFW and back.  Plus, I’d rather not travel if I don’t have to.
It’ll be another short week for me next week because we have Monday off and my best friends are coming to visit me!  I am so relieved to have visitors.  It miss the comfort of college where all of my friends were just five minutes away (and most of the time across the hall) and my family was just a short two-hour drive.  Having people come visit is always great for my heart and spirit and I am really psyched for all four of them to come.  Liz travels all the time and she has a ton of Starwood points, so we’re going to head down to Laguna on Friday to stay at the St. Regis (heaven!) and then we’ll be at the SLS on Saturday and Sunday.  We’ll be celebrating the Chain Gang reuniting and Molly’s recent accomplishment: becoming a CPA!  My friends are so smart. 
I hope everyone is happy and is finding the time to spend with people they care about!

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