It’s the little things…

It’s Friday!  I’ve been covering the desk here at R&C because our main chick is out on vacation.  I’ve gotten almost all of the phone extensions down, and I’m in the process of learning who has an assistant and who doesn’t.

I’m really excited for Fridays now, not just because of the weekend, but because we get catered breakfast!  Holla!  My bristish boss says that all the time — “Holla!”  It’s the funniest thing ever.  This morning we went without eggs because of that shiesty recall.

By the way, my boss totally cursed out some children on the phone yesterday.  It was a trip.  They were calling for Tom Cruise, whom we do not respresent anymore, and then they would call back incessantly telling me to “F— off.”  So my boss starts answering and yelling and cursing at them, all in his british accent.  What a riot!

Today was eventful.  I am going to be helping out with the Sunshine Junction music festival this Saturday, which I’m super stoked about.  Also, Dominic Monaghan came in and told me I was pretty.  I’ve never seen an episode of Lost, but I’m a huge Eminem fan, so it was cool seeing him (he is in the Love the Way You Lie video).  And Liam (Hemsworth) came in.  What is it about people with accents?  I wish I had one.  I could listen to them talk all day long.  In addition to a divine accent, he’s tall.  You don’t find a lot of actors here in Hollywood that are over six feet.  It’s always refreshing to meet talent that’s actually nice.
Other than that, we busted out a bottle of wine to commerate making it through the week.  I can’t wait to report on Ghostland Observatory tomorrow at the festival!

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