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It’s so easy to ask “why?”  We want to know why things happen.  Why your tire blew out when you’re already low on finances, why that person was rude to you today, why your crush didn’t call, why you were hurt, why you lost someone dear to you, why the world is at war, why the rich get richer, why mean people reap the best in life, why you haven’t figured out your personal niche, calling, etc. — why, why, why!?  We all want to know this, especially as a a society that is impatient and that is committed to getting what we want when we want it.

I’m learning that God takes His time.  And He can because He has all the answers.  Many of us look to our parents for guidance because they have life experience.  However, most of the time, it’s hard for us to understand why they are advising us the way they do because we don’t have the experience they do.  That’s how God is.  God knows the answers.  He’s been through it all.  He has wisdom to share that is not subjective — it’s the truth.  So while we’re all down here wondering what in the world is going on and why we’re feeling a certain way, and more importantly, why other people are feeling a certain way, or why the path we want to walk down isn’t going as planned, God already knows why.  He knows if your path is correct or not; and if your vision isn’t in alignment with his, he’s going to redirect you.  He will intervene when necessary and will guide you accordingly.

However, like a great teacher and parent, he’s not going to push you.  He will advise, he will pull out all the stops, give every red flag possible (read: intuition, conscience), but if you’re not going to take that counsel seriously, he will let you go your own way so that you can learn from the consequences of your actions.  If you are consistently moving forward with your wants and needs and not obeying God’s vision for you, you’ll be lead astray!  And it will take you 10 times longer to get to where you need to be, when you could have been there a lot more quickly (if you just would have listened).

Point being?  Listen to God.  He has a divine plan. Do not fear, do not worry.  Trust.

Entry from Bedside Blessings:

Nothing surprises God.  What puzzles us is permitted by our Lord, for reasons too profound to grasp.  It is put together in the counsel of His own will so that it fits perfectly into His plan for His glory and for His purposes.  As His servant, I say in response, “I will not fear.  Though I don’t understand it, I will not fear.  Though You take something that’s deeply significant to me, though You allow a catastrophe to strike, I will not fear.  I will not blame, I will not doubt, and I will not question.

“Cease striving, and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10

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