Hear-see, 8/19/2010


Facebook adds “location” feature
Isn’t that four Four-Square is for?  Come on, Facebook, let the minion applications have their glory days and stick to photos and wall posts.

Hot Topics

Egg recall
It’s too bad that I eat eggs every morning for breakfast.  I don’t know if I will be one of the many people subjected to salmonella…

Attack of the giant rats
Well this is pretty much horrifying.  Rats are bad enough, but three-foot-long rats?!  Sounds like a description for complete and utter terror.  This quote is hilarious yet disgusting all at the same time: “At night you can hear them chasing each other in the loft. They sound like drag racing cars as they screech across the rafters.”


Hilz chipped a tooth… on her wedding day!
Didn’t she get veneers to avoid this issue?  I distinctly remember her saying she had brittle teeth that chipped all the time, which is why veneers were essential for her.  Regardless, girlfriend got married this weekend and chipped a tooth before the wedding.  Thankfully she’s rich and famous, because her wedding planner whisked her to the dentist and was in-and-out in about an hour.  Seriously, that’s a miracle alone: a dentist trip that’s only an hour long?!

Chelsea Handler to host VMA’s
I’m beyond thrilled with this news.  It’s always better when they recruit a comedian to host the VMA’s.  I cannot wait to see her torment Justin Bieber!  My best girlfriends will be in town that weekend, so if you have any tips on getting into her official after-party (we know she’s going to have one), hook a girl up!


Roger Clemens indicted
There is literally no way getting around posting this.  It was on every major news source I check, so in light of being a dignified journalist, I’ll post the link.  Most of you know the real deal as to why I’m hesistant to post this, given it could be considered a conflict of interest, however, the news is the news…
You can make your own opinions of this case, however, I’d like to say that if I wasn’t a lady, I’d be giving both middle fingers to the law.  Since this is a “news and views” blog, I read the indictment document and am still struggling to figure out where the factual evidence is.  Last time I checked, a drug-dealers’ word wasn’t exactly credible.  Just sayin’.
I’m praying someone decides to make me a beliver in the government.  Also: they can indict Rog for “lying,” so why don’t they all indict themselves?  Just a little thing I like to refer to as the pot calling the kettle black.

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