"Yes, can I speak to Beyonce Knowles?"

When I got hired at the PR firm, my boss warned me.  “You’ll get these asinine calls from people asking to talk to Beyonce.  We have to politely, politely remind them that she isn’t here.”  I thought this was a joke.  Sure, there would be small annoyances while working in entertainment PR, especially at such a huge firm, but really… would people actually call for Beyo?

Apparently so.

Last week, on my second day, I had my first call.  It was so polite. “Can I please speak to Beyonce Knowles?”  Then I have to let them down and inform them that not only is she not here — but she’s never here.  This is her publicist’s office.

The next call was a little more aggressive.  “Beyonce please.”
“She isn’t here.”
“Okay, Beyonce Knowles then.”
“She isn’t here.”
“Fine.  May I please speak to Sasha Fierce?”

Last Thursday, I had someone ask me what a PR firm was.

And today, I had someone ask me, even after letting them know B was not available, when she would be back in the office.

I mean, I give the people credit for trying to get ahold of her.  But seriously?

You know what, who am I kidding?  Let me run to her office and let her know she has a few phone calls.  While I’m at it, I’ll grab Kanye and Hova.  Just a moment!

One of these days, maybe for Halloween, I’ll pretend to be B just to see what they do.

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