The power of words

A few months ago, I got into an argument with someone I care about.

We hadn’t argued much before, and when we did, it was resolved maturely.  However, the topic of conversation was very trying on both of our hearts.  At one point, I made a statement that I instantly regretted, words that I didn’t mean; I immediately felt pain about saying them and apologized.

The person told me they forgave me, however I have been beating myself up about the situation ever since.  It’s important to me to be fair, to be just, and to mind my words — even in the most heated of situations.  I had failed to use my discretion at that point.

Yesterday, it was really hurting my heart.  You know when things come up out of the blue and start to bother you?  That’s what was going on with me.  I went to bed, prayed, and fell asleep.

Then, this morning, I woke up and started my Joyce Meyer podcast.  Today’s agenda?  “The Power of Words.”  It’s amazing how God works within our lives.  She sent me a beautiful message about how important words are, and how we have to repent some of the things we say, but we are not to be plagued by the past if we are new in God.  It was as great thing to hear, especially when it’s been something affecting me lately.

I totally recommend downloading her podcasts!  If you have iTunes, you can get them sent to you anytime she uploads a new one.

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