Hear-see 8/16/2010


Hilary Duff gets hitched
Hilary doesn’t have to worry ’bout a damn thing anymore, considering she just got married to Mike Comrie, NHL player and heir to some furniture empire in Canada.  Match that with Hilary’s music and movie career (yes, she gets a fat paycheck every time they play A Cinderella Story on ABC Family) and you’ve got a couple of millionaires.

Hilz got married in Santa Barbara and aerial views of the occasion make it look absolutely stunning.  A night wedding? Tres romantic!  I cannot wait to see the actual photos — we all know they had to be sold to People for a cool amount of cash.  However, I heard their wedding wasn’t until October.  I wonder if there is a bun in the oven?  Or if perhaps that was a way to divert the media from suspecting this weekend as the actual day of matrimony.

Now, take a look at that ring.  I’ve seen it before, but holy cow.  I’d be in love with it yet terrified — I wonder how many people have tried to take her out to get it?  It’s only a million dollars.  Then again, she could probably throw a left hook and knock a person out.  It’s practically a weapon!


San Fran beat the Colts
I was advised this past week to root for the 49ers because apparently the team is going to be turned around, “hop on the bandwagon,” etc.  Then, at work, a co-worker told me about what a huge fan he was and that I needed to, again, “Hop on the bandwagon!”  And when I heard my boss hated them, I figured I might as well give them a chance, just to bring some rivalry to the office.

I had been considering the Colts as a team to support because of Hank Baskett — he’s so precious! — and Tony Dungy, their former coach.  I felt like I knew Coach Dungy (don’t ask me why), so I figured they might be a great contender.  I said whoever won their preseason game would be out as my team for the choosing, however I’m going back on that.  The Colts and the Niners are still in the game!


Newsflash: men cheat
That may be a harsh way to put it, however, in this article, men don’t only cheat when they aren’t the breadwinner — they cheat when they are!  Ladies, are we ever to have hope?!  While this is post is in a joking manner, this terrifies me: that a man can lawfully wed his wife and then go on to cheat on her because he feels needy, insecure, etc.  Where are morals these days?!

Addicting websites

You’ll be on this all day.  It’s old news, but it’s too good not to share.
Passive-Aggressive Notes
My favorite notes are the ones from the children to their parents.  I totally remember writing a passive-aggressive runaway note, something like, “I love you mom and dad, I hate my life, I’m running away forever starting at 7:00 p.m.”

Viral Video

If you haven’t seen this, I don’t know why.  Always makes me laugh.  “I’m her mom.”  “No, she’s not!”

Kittens inspired by kittens

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