In my personal opinion: online dating

Today, I somehow got reminded of one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail.  This, in turn, got my wheels spinning regarding an interesting topic: online dating.

The closest I’ve ever gotten to one of those sites was junior year of college, when some of the flusies I like to call my friends thought it would be a super idea to sign me up for e-harmony (I just got rid of the e-mails).  They took the time and effort to fill out my personal profile.  I never checked the thing, but I can only imagine what kind of inappropriateness they put online to solicit around 30 male responses a day.

Anyway, I know plenty of people who have had MAD success on these sites.  Heck, I know a couple that got married after going on a date (after meeting online).  And with all the statistics out there, you know there are a ton of people meeting and having legitimate, real relationships — all thanks to an online dating site.

But why wouldn’t they find a good relationship?  First of all, while everyone tries to deny this, you obviously start weeding through people based on looks on these sites.  If they look good, you message them.  Or, if someone messages you that you don’t find attractive, you don’t have to respond.  An easy letdown.

Then, if the attraction is there, you form a bond via communication.  It’s all you have.  You haven’t met this person, so you can’t base everything solely on looks.  If they don’t have the personality to go along with the looks, then they’re done.  Yet, if you hold a legitimate convo and find common factors within each other, you can go on a date!  And then, if the spark is there, you’ve found yourself a man or a woman.  Voila.  A match made in (internet) heaven!

So, what do you think about online dating?  Would you do it?  What would inspire you to do it?

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