I’ve got some sexy songs for you people to download.  Well, they’re actually romantic songs, but I’ll throw in some sexy ones as well.

Bryan Adams – Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman
I remember hearing this song when I was younger and thinking it was so romantic.  My dad always used to reach over in the car and hold my mom’s hand when this song came on.
*Quick fact*: guys, you’ll probably get laid if you play this for your girlfriend.  Heck, a nun would get naked for you if you seduced her with this.  PS: You’re welcome.  Give credit where it’s due.

Berlin – Take My Breath Away
Most associate it with Top Gun, a movie I’ve never seen.  However, anytime I hear it I get the chills.
PS: I don’t understand the chinese writing but it was the best video I could find.  And the highest rated comment is hilarious.  PPS: Looks like I need to watch Top Gun after viewing this video.  Holy crap.

Chris Brown – Take You Down
CB might like to beat women in his spare time, but this song is undeniable.  If you decide to watch his performance, be prepared.  Yowzas.  The kid can move!  Remind me in 20 years not to allow my teenage boys to listen to CB.  Can’t risk them getting any ideas.

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar on Me
It’s a well known fact that I wish this song would play when I entered a room.  Lights flashing, lots of hair flips… totally down my alley.

AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long
Again, this would be my second choice of a “theme song.”  You all might be concerned with the choice of songs that I’d want to represent myself as a person, but the reason why I like them is for the guitar and, duh, the fact you can do massive hair flips to these tunes.  Here’s Celine Dion and her cover.

Tim McGraw – When the Stars Go Blue
When I hear this, I think of dancing in a field.  I have no idea why.  But I think middle of the night, summer night, dancing under the stars.  Tres romantic!

Marina and the Diamonds – Are You Satisfied?
This song is sexy because it’s blunt.  I’m obsessed with it.  Cue playing it 500 times on iTunes starting…. now.


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