The Ring Dilemma

My mom and I have a very close relationship.  We usually chat around two to three times a day and sometimes even more than that.  Today we were discussing finances and she recommended I always have three months salary in the bank, which lead me to say that I hope one day some dude out there has that in the bank for me (obviously referring to the cost of an engagement ring).

This lead us to The Bachelorette and how Ali received a $50,000 Neil Lane diamond engagement ring, albeit ABC bought it and not her actual fiance.

I proclaim that if I was The Bachelorette that the dude I would pick would not accept ABC’s offer and would buy the ring on his own.  I know the keeper would be the guy who already had that money saved up before going on the show.  For me, it’s more than money, it’s ownership.  I mean, guys?  Isn’t it a pride thing for you?  Aren’t you guys joyful to give your future wife something you saved up for?

Then Mom brought up a good point:  if my future fiance had the chance to snag a free engagement ring (and I’m talking major bling), he could take his own money that he would have spent on the ring to spend on a down payment for a home, a honeymoon, etc. for us.  Plus, he still has to get a wedding band…

This all makes sense, and it’s true: I would much rather spend money on domestic things instead of a giant ring on my finger and then be living off of credit cards.  I’d rather his hard earned money go towards something more meaningful in terms of our future.  However, I don’t think I’d be able to get past the fact that if (God forbid) we ended the engagement, the ring wouldn’t even be his to take back!  I’d have to march it over to a producer (more like a production assistant) at ABC.  I know you’re not supposed to think about ending an engagement, but chances are if you found “love” on The Bachelor that you aren’t going to be headed to the altar… ever.

Plus, it’s your wedding ring!  The thing that symbolizes you’re a committed couple.  Just because some dude at Burger King gives you a Happy Meal doesn’t mean it’s from Burger King; it’s from McDonalds.  Get what I’m saying?  Go with it.

This brings up the subject of loans, parental support, etc.  I’m not talking about that stuff.  I’m talking strictly about this show — a ring bought by a network.  The whole concept of this show is crazy, considering Ali and Roberto admitted to never have driven in a car together OR gone to a movie together and now they’re planning a wedding.  It’s like buying diapers and starting a college fund but you haven’t done the deed.  Regardless of my cynicism, I actually think they’re a great couple and will last, a la Trista and Ryan.

My verdict?  Love is love; I think when the time comes I could be wearing an origami ring and be the happiest woman in the world.  But what do you think?  Ladies, would you care?  Gents, would you accept a ring from someone else to give to your future wife?

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