Working for the weekend

Well guys, I’m in the final stretch!  My job at the salon ends in two days.  It’s going to be weird going back to a desk job when I’ve been rocking working at a salon the past two years!  I am nervous and I hope that my new coworkers are as fun and entertaining as the people I work with now.  I know I’m moving to into Corporate America territory, but it’s also public relations, so I’m hoping everyone has as great sense of humor and likes to have fun.  I’m really thrilled because I can have an actual weekend!  Saturdays, I’ve missed you so.  Speaking of, if any of you LA readers have suggestions about hosting workshops for beginners, please e-mail me or contact me.  I’m looking for legit classes that I can take either at night (7:00 or later) or perhaps a weekender; I have the journalism writing background but now need some experience in front of the camera!  I would love recommendations.

What else is new?  Well, I got a pretty little “moving violation” from the city of Beverly Hills.  It’s pretty much highway robbery.  $465?  Seriously?  I have to take traffic class as well so I don’t get my insurance raised and that odds on another $65 or so.  Today I called to see if I could get an extension on this little puppy and all that and I found out that I would have to sit through a long automated system because “The City of Los Angeles is experiencing budget cuts,” so they are unable to “provide citizens with operators.”  California, we need to get our crap together.  Handing out tickets right and left isn’t the most effective way either — I’ve received FIVE TICKETS since being in this God-forsaken state, four of which were just for parking. (My meter was a minute expired every time.  No joke.)

I cannot wait to go home for Labor Day.  My Aunt is coming in from Houston to see me and spend the weekend with myself and the rest of the extended fam.  We’ll be celebrating my brother’s 18th birthday, which brings a little tear to my eye, considering I remember when that heathen was born!  He was a gigantic babis and he cried 24/7, but he was so cute that he looked like a cherub angel.

Bailey moves to Los Angeles tomorrow and Emily returns from her summer hiatus on Saturday!  I am really excited to have them both here.  Emily is living pretty close to me so I have a feeling there will be plenty of bonding time ahead.

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