Rolling Greens

Today, I went to a great event with my friend and co-worker, Besma.  She is french and pretty much fabulous!  So yesterday when I was at work and she asked me what I was doing tonight, I couldn’t say no to joining her at the even tonight.

The setting was perfection for a summer’s night: Rolling Greens, a beautiful nursery on Beverly.  I have found my new go-to place for my artsy friends… they have posh candles, elegant soaps, delectable cook books as well as dainty potted plants.

The night celebrated the two year anniversary of EcoStiletto and to commemorate the occasion we all got a nifty reusable grocery bag to fill with eco-friendly and organic swag, such as:

Greenworks, 99% naturally derived bathroom cleaner (by Clorox)
Tom’s of Maine long-lasting mouth wash (cool mountain mint), Crystal Confidence 24-hour deodorant, Simply White toothpaste (clean mint)
O.N.E. Coconut water (mango and pineapple flavors)
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea (we tried coconut soy chai tea and it was DELISH)
Jane Iredale cream blush in “clarity”

and many more!  So many vendors were there, including Nicobella (vegan organic dark chocolate truffles), Teens for Safe Cosmetics, eco|brow by Marco Ochoa… the list goes on!

We even had some great fair trade food from this gigantic bus.  Simply put, the night was a great success.

Ladies, I’m definitely going to do a post on regarding beauty brands and products to try, as well as products and ingredients to stay far, far away from!  Did you know that lipstick generally is made up of more than 60% of lead?  That’s just cwazy.

Anyway, I guess I’ll do a few more posts before I venture off to find some ESPY parties!

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