It’s a spiritual thing

Get on iTunes and download “Traits of an Excellent (Wo)Man” by Joyce Meyer!  This podcast really made me re-think even the smallest things in life that we always put off or think aren’t a big deal, like pushing the grocery cart back to the bin, cleaning that last dish, putting the toilet paper back on the roll.  There is an audience of one watching — God!  And the small things do matter, even if if you think nobody is watching.

Also, a touching message from my Bedtime Blessing book:

July 14th, 2010
” Jesus Christ stands at the door.  He holds out His hands that are scarred.  His feet are pierced, and He bears in His body the marks of death.  He says, ‘I know the pressure you are under.  I understand the strain.    I know the unfair abuse.  But let me offer you some encouragement.  Don’t be afraid.  Look at life through My eyes!  Stop letting life intimidate you!  Stop running scared.  Trust me!” 

Before I went to bed last night, I read that entry on accident instead of July 13th’s blessing.  I was falling asleep and I was praying to God and then thought: I bet nobody stops to ask God how he’s doing, or how he’s feeling, or what’s been on his mind lately.  We’re always asking and needing him for something, but he’s never once had to rely on us.  Isn’t that amazing?  Anyway, I wonder what he would say if we could literally ask him all of those things. But this passage made me realize that no matter what we’re going through, a strong dependency on God is important, and no matter what we need to be gracious.  Just imagine if someone was standing in front of you after going through the most disturbing and torturous abuse you could think of, yet he’s reaching out his scarred hands to lend them to you.  True grace.  Maybe if we all started living for helping others and let love rule our lives we would all be living in a better state of mind.

As for July 13th’s blessing, here it is!  Another great one:
“We must admit that we spend more of our time concentrating and fretting over the things that can’t be changed — than we do giving attention to the one that we can change, our choice of attitude.  Stop and think about some of the things that suck up our attention and energy, all of them inescapable: the weather, the wind, people’s action and criticisms, who won or lost the game, delays at airports.
Quit wasting energy fighting the inescapable and turn your energy to keeping the right attitude.  Psalm 131:1.” 

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