You’ll be in my heart

Today I woke up and I got some FANTASTIC NEWS!  I’m not trying to jinx anything, but all I have to say is that I have two really great weekends ahead of me, which is great because I am desperately needing to be busy busy busy.

Also, I don’t know what I’m doing correctly, but after doing some research and stats on my site, I noticed that for a brief moment somebody at E! Entertainment (a.k.a. “The Mecca”) was checking out my site!  Who are you?  Come forward.  And then hire me.  If it’s you, @kenbakernow, that would make me truly happy.

I’m still working on my books.  One is fiction, the other more of a conglomerate of interesting/humiliating experiences.  I’ve got the names picked out for both… and I’m going to hold Emily Giffin to proofing them when I’m finished.

By the way, I’m doing some online research on how you shop around your book ideas.  Do any of you know that process?  Do I send my copies to publishers and see who bites?  Does it have to be complete?  Or do you send the first few chapters and then they pick it up and you continue to write?  Please advise.

Also, I learned the 2011 NBA All-Star game is going to be in Los Angeles this year!  Super!  Looks like I’m going to be trying to find my way into working that shindig, or at least some parties for it.  Let the preparation begin…

Lastly, I’m so excited because I have been looking for a volunteer organization to get involved with and I think I found a great fit.  Dress for Success is a non-profit that helps disadvantaged women prepare to enter back into the workforce.  They provide suits for interviews as well as things like career coaching and training.  My co-worker, Besma, participates by doing their hair and making them feel good about embarking on their new life.  I felt so compelled by this (it made me cry hearing some of these stories) that I knew I had to be a part of the group!  I used to work at Career Services in college, so I formatted and created resumes as well as helped out with cover letters and mock interviews.  Turns out they need people with that type of background, so I’m going to apply and hopefully they’ll take me.  I’m so excited!  I’m also thinking about becoming a Big Sister out here.  I miss my brother a lot, so maybe it will help to fill that void.  Anyway, if you all have any suggestions on other organizations I should check out, please send me an e-mail or better yet, comment!

PS: Don’t forget to go and donate to the Kyle Korver Foundation or buy a shirt from Seer Clothing!  All profits go to a great cause!  This week I believe they’re building handicap ramps.

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