Access Hollywood: Party Edition

This is Kirbie Goes to Hollywood, so I might as well give you guys what you read for: the Hollywood part of it all!  It’s been awhile…

The thing I love about this city is that you can be absolutely anywhere and recognize a face.  You might not know the person, but you’ve probably listened to their music or seen them on a billboard.  On Friday, I ventured to the Beverly Center just to waste some time and walked right past Johnny Rzeznick of the Goo Goo Dolls.  Trust me, you can’t miss piercing blue eyes like that.  Little did he know I’ve been listening to his band for a good 10 years.  Crazy how that works.

What I also love about this place?  Opportunity.  It happens out of the blue, when you least expect it.  While at work yesterday, I received an e-mail from Michelle regarding my plans for the night.  I was supposed to go to dinner with some friends, but it was tentative, and I had just been discussing how I thought everyone was going to flake out.  I cannot stand flakes.  Anyway, Miki informs me that there is a party going on and that I am being recruited to “help” and that my name is already on the guest list.  Okay, sounds great.  Then she writes to inform me that the party was for Access Hollywood co-host Shaun Robinson for her birthday and that the whole thing would be taking place at Barry Bonds’ home.

If you know anything about sports, you know Barry Bonds.  You can’t get past that type of talent.  This made me really excited, especially because of Uncle Rog, because I thought that I might be able to chat it up with him at some point.  It didn’t happen, but Barry surprised me by being really friendly and outgoing the entire night!  He seems like a good guy.

Anyway, after fleeing from work, I got home and changed before making my way to the Bonds’ home.  Apparently Martin Lawrence lives next door, and he was getting married, therefore I had to make sure to tell security exactly where I was headed.  I’ve seen Beverly Hills from the Rodeo Drive point of view, but I had never seen it like this before, with immaculate, lavish homes (mansions).  Let’s just say Beverly Hills knows what’s up.

After several minutes of figuring out where to park and thus figuring out how to walk from the lot to the house in heels, I made it to the home to get to work.  First off, wow.  It was gorgeous.  However, the layout was almost identical to my uncle’s home, so I wasn’t feeling too put-off.  Literally, I felt like I had been to the place more than a few times.

The party was themed in purple and white, and the set-up was gorgeous.  Beautiful tables and cocktail tables strategically placed within the yard and inside of the bars, all with gorgeous flower arrangements; the pool was divine, and the lighting phenomenal.  The heat lamps were a necessary touch given the chilly Los Angeles night.

They hired DJ Paradise for the night and let me just say that if you want to have a good party, hire him!  He was playing the best R&B music along with oldies but goodies and course some Beyonce to get the party poppin’.  I think my favorite part of the night was either the delicious food that they had so beautifully displayed and plated (mac ‘n cheese, sliders, chicken and steak kabobs, fruit, a candy station, delicious asian cuisine) OR the fact that while setting up, I heard Martin Lawrence’s DJ introduce himself and his new bride for the first time as a married couple.  Honestly, it was hysterical considering that after they were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, the DJ started playing some T.Pain/Luda song that I didn’t recognize that flowed right into Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It.”  Simply great.

Anyway, the night was awesome.  I told Michelle that I couldn’t wait to have a birthday party just like it! 🙂  Some of the celebrities that were in attendance:

Laila Ali

Niecy Nash
Robert Townsend
Omarosa and Michael Clarke Duncan

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