July 10th: The day the world exploded with celebrity news

Yesterday was a HUGE day for celebrities of all types: actors, singers, athletes.  Here’s why:

Jim Kravitz/FilmMagic

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher get married
Carrie and Mike tied the big knot yesterday at some hotel in Georgia.  Rumor has it that Carrie rented out the entire hotel and guests not invited to the wedding were asked to leave by 12:00 p.m. on Friday, with a total cost estimating to about $215,000.  Not to mention they say the entire wedding was about $500,000, however I can’t be positive if that was just the wedding portion or including the hotel sweep.  Furthermore, I’m hearing she and Mike stayed together last night at some Presidential House on the premises that’s $4,000 a night.  I can’t wait to see Carrie’s dress!  People Magazine has scooped up the official pics to the tune of around $2 million.  That pays for the entire wedding and then some!  Some hearts get lucky sometimes, right Carrie?  I am such a cheesy pun person.

Please don’t ask me why and how I know all of this.  I hear information and retain it.  I have heard that Mike planned a romantic honeymoon for the couple and the whole thing is a surprise to Carrie and that they’re headed to Bora Bora.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski get married
Ladies, I know it’s tough, but we must mourn the loss of Hottie McHotterson and all-around good guy, John Krasinski.  I just don’t see how it’s fair that Emily dated Michael Buble and now is married to the most precious guy on the planet.  Surprisingly, I have no details on this wedded affair, except it was an international wedding, taking place in Como, Italy.

Johnny Nunez, WireImage.com

LaLa Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony get married
LaLa was just an MTV VJ with a dream… and then she hooked up with NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony.  How is that for luck?  It’s about time though — they were engaged FIVE YEARS.    In attendance at the wedding was my girl Kim Kardashian as well as Lebron James among others.  The ceremony took place in New York City.

Jessica Simpson doesn’t get married… she has her 30th birthday!
I love JS.  The girl makes some great shoes!   I still have all my Newlyweds DVDs and I watch them frequently to remind myself that there are red flags in relationships, and theirs had plenty.  I digress.  Anyway, she celebrated in Italy with her new fling, Eric Johnson, a.k.a a major babe-a-tron, so props to her on that one.  I also want to make clear that I say “fling” because it’s totally unfair how celebrities start dating someone new and immediately it means they’re going to walk down the aisle.  Allow them to breathe and experience the feelings of dating someone new without pinning them into a full-fledged relationship!

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