Clothing for a Cause

The word seer is often associated with predicting the future.  Terms associated with it are clairvoyant (one who sees clearly), a prophet, an oracle, or a diviner (one who sees and is inspired by God).  Definitions range from “an authoritative person who defines the future” to “a person with the unusual power of foresight.”   Regardless of the synonyms, it’s clear that a seer can see the future with the basis that God is the defining factor in all of it.

I am truly inspired by this word.   I’m sure you’re all wondering why I thought about it in the first place.  The Kyle Korver Foundation is responsible for doing good in the world by providing assistance for those in need, specifically children.  If you follow the Foundation, you know that they are doing absolutely wonderful things for people in need, doing unto others as they would have done to them (The Golden Rule, which is in fact their mission).  No matter what, their goal is to help others when and if they can, and to provide hope for the hopeless.
So, with that being said, they spearheaded another great operation!  Seer Clothing is a line comprised of 16 shirts (eight for men, eight for women) in which the proceeds benefit underprivileged children.  It was started back in December by Kyle and his brother Klayton, Director of Operations.  The shirts all have Christian undertones:
Faith. Hope. Love.
Expectations and selflessness in harmony.  Reach for the stars but not at the expense of others.  Real success is found in service.”
“Don’t always take the easy road.  Sometimes, doing what is right means being willing to stand alone.”

“Your internal anchor.  Cling to the assurance that life has purpose.  Circumstances do not define a heart at rest.”

I encourage all of you to go to the website and read their interpreted definitions of each theme.  My favorites are obviously Faith. Hope. Love., Honor and Peace.  Such great messages, especially for those in need of guidance and support such as young children.  
Please check out Seer online and buy a shirt, or better yet donate to the Foundation!  

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