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Whatever happened to Yellowcard?  I loved them!  Back in my Sebring Convertable days (yes, a grandma car but I LOVED it), I would ride with the top down during Spring Break and blast that song, wishing ever so much that I could be in Cali on the beach for the seven day break.

Speaking of, it’s March and I associate March with Spring Break, or as it should be called for people not in school: VACATION.  If you’re going on Spring Breaks as a 27-year-old, we might have some problems, like that fact that you’re probably a real douchebag and I have no desire to be around you.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the who/what/when of the glorified “break” that occurs once a year and I, of course, had to make a list!  I LOVE lists.  I’m making one for those of you headed to the beach this year!  And really, this list is perfect for anyone who lives in Cali during the summertime.  So here are my picks for best essentials for the sun (and most include beauty and fashion faves).

Beachside reading
Kindle wireless reading device, as low as $215.00 used
I feel like Amazon owes me some money as much as I promote this thing!  I wasn’t a huge leisure reader until I was gifted this item from my mom last year.  I love how you can download a book within seconds and how you don’t have to worry about a page tearing or that weird feeling I get when I touch an old page.  Yuck.  Book downloads are as low as $9.99 and you can even buy the iPhone Kindle app that uses WhisperSync to send all of your downloads to your phone!  I recommend Bergdorf Blondes, The Dip, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and Outliers if you want some good reads.


Mouille Poiret Ruffle Front Swimsuit, $165.52, ASOS
I know one-pieces are a little old-fashioned, but this one is TOO cute to pass up.  Great for a beach or pool party with a cute cover-up or for a few hours getting some sun, you’re sure to turn heads with this stand-out piece.  Heck, I’d even pair it up with a pair of skinny jeans and take it out for a night of the town!  Hot!

SPANX To Dive For Deep V One-Piece, $178.00, BareNecessities
SPANX makes swimwear; women of the world rejoice.  This simple black suit is great for bigger breasted women who need a little “oomph” to perk up their lady lumps (halters are great for that in general) – not to mention with SPANX technology you can rest assured your body will be hugged in all the right places, creating the most flattering fit for your bod.

Badgley Mischka jewel-trimmed bikini, $165.00, Saks Fifth Avenue
A beautiful deep blue is accessorized with jewels to make a perfectly poised bikini.  Blue is hot this swim season and will look great on fair skin tones and tanned bodies alike.  It’s actually a bandeau bikini top with straps that are adjustable; the top is padded for supreme support.

Sporty Zip bikini, $55.00, TopShop
A cheaper alternative but it doesn’t lack in style!  Vamp it up with a bold yellow with a zipper embellishment – a little naughty mixed with a little nice.  Straps detachable.

La Perla Teja one-shouldered bikini, $550.00, Net-A-Porter
Looking at this suit makes me salivate.  It incorporates three of my favorite things: cute bottoms (with coverage!), braids and a one-shoulder style.  WOW!  I guess everyone pretty much loves this thing because it’s completely sold out. 

Seafolly Spot Frill Suit, $124.79, ASOS
Looks like I’m LOVING all of these one-pieces!  This is too cute to pass up.  It comes in Siren Red (my pref) or Spa Blue and will surely get you in the spirit for an upcoming cruise or day at the beach.  Ahoy, mateys!

Button-tab bikini bottoms, $34.50, The Gap
I’m not a huge fan of Gap’s bikini tops because they don’t provide a lot of support and in my experience it always looks like a wet t-shirt contest after you get the suit wet.  Not attractive, ladies.  However, these bottoms are different and would look fantastic with a simple bustier top in white.

Diane Von Furstenberg Lorena Bikini in Garden Animal Small Warm, $190.00, ShopStyle
I really like the print of this bikini even though I’m not a huge fan of strapless tops.  They aren’t very appealing on most women because they provide little lift and support!  However I’m not one to keep a girl from buying a animal print swimsuit and this one has a wonderful combo of shades and prints.

Maaji Studded Bikini top, $60.00, Urban Outfitters
This classic top provides embellishments to give a normally ordinary looking top a little edge.  The back of it is different than most and it provides just enough coverage without being too conservative.

Tara Matthews bead-embellished bikini set, $350.00, Net-A-Porter
Vix Mirror embroidered bikini top, $96.00, Net-A-Porter
If you guys haven’t seen Lady Gaga’s new vid for “Telephone” then you should because during one scene she wears an embellished bra and panty set that was the inspiration for my next pick.  The set is fabulous and has just enough bling on the top so that the bottom are a little more understated.  I really love Vix’s embroidered top because you can mix and match it with different types of bottoms!


Guess “Jingman”cork platform wedge sandals, $90.00, Lord and Taylor
For short people like me, length to my gams is essential.  These are stylish, cute and might just give you a workout considering they have no support, so you’ll be balancing yourself the whole time.  Just don’t get drunk or we might have a problem.

Skincare – SPFs

Peter Thomas Ross Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion, SPF 30, $42.00, Sephora
Peter Thomas Ross Instant Mineral Powder, SPF 30, $30.00, Sephora
I’m not sure what you’ve heard, but my dermatologist told me that SPF 30 is about as high as you can go with a sunscreen that will effectively block UV rays.  I wear it on my face all the time and have been searching for a body lotion that a) doesn’t smell like sunscreen and b) keeps you really moisturized that contains a high SPF.  Peter Thomas Roth makes two items for the face that are excellent!  The moisture lotion is not thick and heavy and feels like you’re wearing nothing, but protects your skin from burning.  The SPF brush is one of my favorite because you can powder yourself while adding a little SPF while also fighting blemishes!  Fab!
*Neutragena is a great drug-store buy.  Any of their SPF 30 (or higher) lotions will do the trick without the high price tag.

Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF 30+, $58.00, Sephora
A great daily lotion for your body, formulated without harsh chemicals.

Kate Somerville has excellent products, as well as SuperGoop! — a new line found exclusively at Sephora.

Skincare – Exfoliants

ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliating Treament, $65.00,
Speaking of Kate, I’m so looking forward to getting a facial with her.  Should be fabulous.  I first heard about Kate because her ExfoliKate treatment is to-die-for, according to make beauty mags. I prefer ExfoliKate Gentle because I do have sensitive skin.  It works wonders and gives any dull complexion a brighter, more youthful look without having to get a professional treatment.  Also, if you’re spending a lot of time outside in the heat and sweating, it’s essential you exfoliate every now and then so that you can clean your pores!


Salon Technician Color Care Travel Faves, $42.00,, Fekkai Stores, Saks, Neimans, Nordstrom or Sephora
I love this line of products because it protects color treated hair, especially from UV rays and from fading.  Plus, in the travel size, it’s great for trips and overnights.

Marine Summer Hair collection
Check out the must-haves for this summer!  I’m pretty sure it launches in April and comes with a detoxifying shampoo, leave-in conditioner, frizz control mist and a beach wave spray that contains a UV shield.  Perfect for any day out in the sun!

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