Vajazzling = heavy traffic on Kirbie Goes to Hollywood

I have this counter that gives me stats on my website traffic, like how many times a day it’s been viewed, unique visitors, sites that the viewers came from, etc.  While most people come from Facebook or Twitter, it was weirding me out that people in were searching for “vajazzle” and landing on my page.  Kind of odd.

So, as any good blogger would, I researched more about why my blog, now one of the many who have posted about vajazzling, has been getting so many hits based on this one word.  I mean it’s the number one search word that are getting people to my site — even the name of my blog comes in second!  I noticed that people were retrieving my blog from and although I was a tad concerned, I took a look-see and found out that it’s the Completely Bare Spa in NYC that I had blogged about earlier this year!  They are featuring my blog on their site!  How amazing is that?  My blog is listed along with and!

Thank you ladies for the support!

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