6th Street: get drunk off the music, kids.

Bottoms up!  Get ready to over-indulge yourself in 6th Street — a duo of two dudes who are dedicated to making great music.

Now, I know that “good” music is a term that is arguable to a lot of people, but if you heard their music in your car, I’d guarantee you’d a) turn it up, b) try to Shazam it, c) get on iTunes and download their music, and d) listen to at least one of their tracks on repeat for six days straight.  So by definition of “good,” 6th Street fits the mold.

For most of you Austinites, Sixth Street reminds you of the heavy drinking associated with one of Austin’s most beloved streets; I like to think of it as “bar row.”  6th Street’s music will get you buzzed and emotional without any of the drama, awkward run-ins, bad decisions or unfortunate hangovers in the morning.  Score!

What does 6th Street sound like?  I love comparisons.  So, let’s say if The Postal Service and Owl City consummated and had a baby with Chris Martin’s voice, then they made that baby eat violins for breakfast and it only spoke in lyrics in the caliber of say, John Mayer, then that is what 6th Street would sound like.

I wouldn’t be too far off — iTunes notes that listeners bought albums from other artists such as Passion Pit, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Ghostland Observatory, Matt Nathanson and Imogen Heap.  A pretty eclectic yet stable group of artists to be grouped up with.

6th Street is composed of Grant Cook and Mike Miller, who claim their influences are Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Owl City, Billy Joel and John Mayer.  They create their tunes on a 140-year-old piano and record their tracks on a PC.  “We have no idea what we’re doing, but we keep looking up.”  However, these guys have credibility too, having just performed at Austin’s coveted South by Southwest music festival in early March at Shakespeare’s Pub on, you guessed it, Sixth Street.

If you’re in Los Angeles, you can catch 6th Street at Dakota Live Music Lounge in Santa Monica on April 10th.  Be sure to buy their EP on iTunes to prepare for the show.  My personal fav is Not a Stone.


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