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Last night, as I previously mentioned, I worked Be Design’s third annual Be Bash, benefiting The Brave Foundation.  Crazy how these things work out.  Yesterday I spent from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm at an Usher video (where I got paid to do nothing) and my phone died.  Once I charged it, I had a milli texts and realized two of them were from two people I’m always glad to get texts from:  one from Dennis, one from his friend Michelle, who started PPMG (Popular Press Media Group).  Dennis asked if I could intern for Michelle’s event that night; Michelle asking me personally the same thing.  I responded and let her know I just got off set but if she needed help I could.

She was a doll and knew I must have been tired, but I insisted so she told me the attire to wear and I was on my way.  The holiday bash was at LA’s newest “hit” club My House and it was a great night.  Run DMC were the headlining performers and I got my hand at learning the ropes of running a red carpet, getting media and talent checked in, manning the door and getting gift bags situated.  I even got my first opportunity to kick people out of VIP.  Yes, it was a sticky job, but somebody had to do it.

Although my feet were killing me (curse you, Jessica Simpson booties), it was a great situation.  I learned a lot in those two hours: when the headliners of an event show up on the red carpet, you halt all photography until they are off the carpet.  Basically if you’re talent and you show up after the headliner, expect to be waiting a long time (and seriously, who shows up after the headliner).

I also realized how sad the human race can be.  How everyone here feels entitled because they are on a “list.”  I have news for everyone:  if you were put on someone’s “list,” more than likely so were about 500 other people.  More than likely your name isn’t specifically on the list, you’re probably just one of the +50 under someone else’s name.  With this in consideration, be nice!   It was amazing how I was expected to know people who were not talent nor recognizable just because they were on a list.  Come to find out these people were last-minute add-ons or received an e-mail to show up.  Also, completely unrelated to the event, but visit  Seriously, I have to give an AMEN for that gem of a blog.  It’s like this:  if you have to pay $1000 for bottle service, you probably are a) not getting what you paid for and b) aren’t high-profile enough to get the free booze and free everything in VIP.  Like I told my mom, “If you’re not Britney Spears, you might as well be dead to me.”  I know that sounds really terrible, but I have to keep that mantra because so many people out here claim to be “someone” or “know someone” and that’s great for networking, however I never want to be someone who gets put in a random or weird situation just because some guy or girl told me they have a record or movie coming out.  It’s like people run around here driving Mercedes and Bentley’s that they’re all leasing just to give off a persona, yet they’re living in some studio in Van Nuys.

I always find it’s more endearing when someone doesn’t tell you something like, “Oh, I was in the new Kelly Clarkson video,” but you meet them and then see them in the video and you’re like, “Wow!  That’s the guy I met the other day.”  And then you think that person is a lot cooler and legit because they’re not galavanting around talking about how they made out with Kelly Clarkson in her newest video.

 I know I’m ranting right now, but it’s all true.  You guys have read about my many experiences being an extra, but I’m not thinking I’m the next Julia Roberts because I’ve had to mimic talking and drinking a cosmo on set for eight hours.  However many background talent believe this is the case.  Even the ones who have agents and have landed speaking roles in movies… if you’re still doing background, you probably haven’t made it big yet.  Just saying.

Anyway, the talent at this event couldn’t have been nicer.  I got to meet Kevin Sorbo (aka Hercules) and Michelle did a great job of introducing me to the media that was there, so whenever there was a lull in the red carpet they’d joke around and be like, “Kirbie!  Over here!” and start snapping photos.  That was fun to get a little taste of what celebrities deal with on a daily basis.  I also met J.R. Martinez from “All My Children” and he could not have been nicer.  We got to talk for awhile and he’s so genuine and a really good guy.  I’m glad good things have happened for him.

Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Grubbs showed up.  Wasn’t expecting that one!

Of course Run DMC was there along with several others.  It was a pretty awesome night.  Check out the photos here:

I had a great time and hope I get to work more events with PPMG!

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  1. Fairness be said here, Kirbie is actually living her own mantra and completely downplaying how instrumental she was in making the night a great success. Ms. Texas extraordinaire rolls in, after sloughing out a twelve hour day on set (which being a feature producer by trade, I know to be far beyond exhausting) looking utterly photo ready with her expressly disarming Southern charm… there wasn't a ruffled feather to be found – a work of art in and of itself. Kirbie joined James Wallington in handling the delicate situation of the red carpet and SVIP (super VIP's) and yes, was sent in to "handle" the VIP – reducing the numbers in the coveted mezzanine by half. With some fortune she will be on hand this Spring for one of the biggest kick off galas for Oscar week… To see evidence of Kirbie's red carpet charm: very, with gratitude and respect,Michelle Czernin von ChudenitzPopular Press Media Group (PPMG)

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