Livin’ L.A. vida loca

Seriously, LA?  You crazy.

I love how I can be here and have the opportunity to do things I love to do whenever I want.  For instance, today I worked on the new Usher video.  They make us sign all kinds of confidentiality stuff about not leaking details, but honestly?   I didn’t even step into a room with Usher.  Talk about CRAZY, they had us sitting in the holding area for 10 hours and then right when we thought we were going on for the big dance/club scene the friggen tell us we’re going home.  At least I got paid, right?  I don’t know, I’m still pretty bummed that I didn’t get to meet Usher himself.

I never worked on a music video before so I was really excited.  Funniest thing of the day (besides the douche-bag guys who thought they were awesome for being extras)?  When our AD came in to tell us that we weren’t allowed to give Usher our album.  Damn, I was hoping to get my rap career started!  Hilarity also ensued when the make-up artist decided to give me her take on a smokey eye, except with teal eyeliner.  I was looking pretty ghetto.  I mean… fierce.

Anyway, the whole day I was asking myself “What the hell am I doing here?” because I got the call for the shoot at 11:00 last night.  Not to mention I had auditioned for a featured girl (or “VIDEO HUNNY!!!” as Stewart and his friends like to proclaim) however I was selected for background and not notified.  Look, I’m not expecting to be the next Amber Rose, I just figured auditioning for an Usher video couldn’t be that bad.  Or could it?  I basically convinced myself that I was going to have to shake my booty in ways my mom and dad had no idea I could shake it and then it would be a huge mess.  Luckily it wasn’t any dancing and merely just an “acting” audition.

So after 10 long hours in holding we get released to go home.  My phone had died (go figure) so once I retrieved my car I decided to charge it and see what kind of havoc I had caused in my life without any formal communication.  I could have told you my mom would have texted me six times, but then I was getting messages like, “Are we still going to the charity benefit?”  and “Babis are you alive?”  Then I saw Dennis had contacted me about interning for an event with his friend Michelle.

Let me say that tonight I was supposed to go to this charity toy-drive that Jermaine Dupri was hosting but I bailed because I was too tired.  Then I get this message from Dennis AND from Michelle asking for help and I really couldn’t say no.  The event was amazing and I’ll give you the media run-down in another post, but basically I have a new idol and her name is Michelle.  The woman is like Julie Bergdorf personified except way more fabulous, actually works, and has brains too.  She also had me taking red carpet pics with Kevin Sorbo so she’s even more than #1 in my book.

More about all that later.  Did Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron show up to the event?  I guess you’ll never know if you don’t keep reading…

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