Today is a day of liberation

For me, a job is very much like a relationship.  However with jobs I tend to leave after I’ve put all the time and effort I can in and know I need to move on.  With real relationships, I can convince myself things like, “He really is wonderful, right?  Right?  Maybe like every Monday and Wednesday?”  Well, I’m not that way anymore (am I growing up?! gasp!).  So don’t worry Stu, if I want to move on I’ll letcha know 🙂

Anyway, yesterday was a day of liberation and it’s because for the first time ever I QUIT MY JOB.  Not because I got a new one, not because I am moving… I just quit.  The weird part?  My boss was very supportive and we even took it upon ourselves to go out and have a few drinks afterwards.  Kind of amazing in my book.  I tend to have this affect on all of my employers.  I’m really not trying to toot my own horn, but seriously me and all of my bosses have a very loving relationship:
– Karen at Career Services was like a second mom for me my first two years of college
– I’m pretty much Celine’s daughter she never had at Concussion
– We can forget about the horrible witch at the advertising agency I spent a summer with – gag me
– Jeff valued my business decisions at Perfect Glow
– James Parker and I had a blast planning the pancake breakfast in Student Affairs
– Not to mention my long-time love Mrs. Destefano who coordinated my 8th grade cheerleading squad still sends me Christmas and Birthday cards (we go on the occasional lunch date when I’m in town)
– Tara Wilson ( is the woman who, only having talked to on the phone once, convinced me to follow my dream to move out here to LA (after she read my blog! See, this thing IS useful)
– I can’t forget a new mentor, Dennis, who has been throwing me bones right and left.  He is a genius… not to mention generous.
– The chic ladies at Chic Events ( had me learning the ropes of coordinating a wedding (for reality TV even!) and exposed me to the lavish life of event planning in LA.
– Kristen taught me how to terminate an employee, how to hire employees, human resource laws… basically all the knowledge I didn’t know about running a business.
I didn’t see that going into a shout-out session, but needless to say I have some great mentors and superiors in my life and I look forward to having many more!  Actually, no I don’t!  I want to be my own boss someday!
Anyway, I have only so much love for Sunless Studio!  They are the best airbrush tanners in LA, I promise you that! However I know it’s time for me to turn over a new leaf and move on.  And hey, if I ever become a personal assistant my clients can rest assured that I will give them an amazing airbrush tan for the red carpet, haha.
So what now?  I go home for two weeks NEXT WEDNESDAY (!!!!) after the one and only Lady Gaga graces me with her presence and I figure out my life.  I am coming back to LA despite the anxious and desperate pleads to move home to Texas.

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