Taylor Swift is precious.

Why do I like Taylor Swift?

I guess it’s because she reminds me a little bit of myself.
Today I watched her Dateline special on CMT and it made me adore her even more than I adore her music. T. Swift not only writes and composes her own music, but she also created her tour from the ground up – having creative input on everything from the stage to the the lighting and everything in between.
If I wear a huge pop star, I would totally be in my element as I am already trying to plot and plan Valentina’s super huge tour (once she gets signed to a label). Theatrics, here we come! She has such a “greenness” about her – as Val put it, everything in her life is magical and whimsical and not even a 25-second break-up call could ruin that. I feel the same about my life. Things might be slow and boring right now but who knows where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in just one year from today.
Taylor is one of the only artists I feel compelled to purchase their entire album. She’s in a group that includes John Mayer, Val and Justin Timberlake. I like that she talks about personal issues, because it makes her more relatable and real. She’s not afraid to speak out on things in her life, like breakups and I can totally relate to that. I mean, who doesn’t? After every break up I constantly think in my head how awesome it would be to write a song about the idiot cheater, the one who broke up with me in front of a crowd at a house party and the one who seemed perfect but it was never going to work out because we were all kinds of wrong for each other – all influential people in my life who made me who I am today. As she put it best, “I would hope that boys wouldn’t do bad things to have songs written about them.” Amen, T.Swift.
I think, however, I wouldn’t write songs just about myself. There would definitely be songs about my friend’s past boyfriends; I think there would be a lot of ammunition because as a loyal friend I have heard quite a few things about several of my friend’s ex-boyfriends (so basically nobody is safe).
Anyway, T. Swift and I have a few things in common. We’re both born in December. Her middle name is Alison, as is mine – spelled exactly the same way. Okay so maybe that’s two things… but still. I have never seen her in concert but hopefully that will change next year!!!!
Gotta go. About to watch her on SNL!

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