Thank you Uncle Stu and Aunt Carole!

My Aunt Carole always takes the time to write me letters. She has done so throughout my whole life, which is always nice. It’s hard in this technology savvy period of time to remember how personal and fulfilling it is to receive a hand-written letter.

So today when I looked on my coffee table and saw an envelope addressed to me I knew exactly who it was from! Aunt Carole has very distinct and beautiful handwriting.
The best thing about the letters from her and Uncle Stu is that they aren’t for any particular occasion. They’re “just because” letters which mean even more than letters for a specific event in my life.
Anyway, thank you both for the sweet letter and the Starbucks card! It was a great gift considering I was JUST thinking how I needed a Starbucks card for the holidays!
Love you two,

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