PIgs are smart

Tonight we’re all piled in mine and Val’s room, “we” being Bethany and Dante. Val and Dante and performing a set as Bethany and I enjoy the sweet vocals and great lyrics. It’s like a mini concert but in the comfort of my own bed.

Somehow I decided to share with everyone about my affinity for pigs and how I am really wanting a micro pig. This stemmed into a huge debate about the smartest animal. Bethany and I of course said chimps, but Val wanted further investigation because Dante said it was dolphins. I, having already known that dolphins are the second smartest animal, went on a massive Google search for pig intelligence. What I found was quite intriguing.
Did you know:
– Pigs are smarter than three-year-olds
– They have great video game skills
– They are smarter than dogs and can be taught tricks
– They are clean and smart – rolling in mud or water keeps them cool, keeps biting critters away and protects them from sunburns
– They don’t have SWEAT GLANDS! I think I had heard this before but for some reason it’s really making an impact on me! In Texas I use the term “Sweating like a pig” about 1000x during the hot summer months and it’s clear I have been using the phrase completely out of context
– Momma pigs sing to their babies while nursing
– They have a great sense of direction. Basically “Babe, Pig in the City” isn’t completely unrealistic.
Craziness! I mean I feel like I am so much more connected to pigs right now and that I would be an excellent mother to a few micro pigs. I can imagine myself living in a posh condo with a few little micro piglets roaming around, fetching, all that jazz.

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