Breast CANswer

For all of you who having been living in a hole, it’s Breast Cancer awareness month! That’s why you’ll notice a ton of pink ribbons everywhere. It truly is a great cause so when my boss came to me last month and said we were going to put on a benefit I was uber excited yet absolutely terrified.

Me and Kristen, my wonderful boss lady

Putting on a great event takes a lot of time. A LOT. It’s practically a 24-hour job until it’s over. And then when it’s over you have to clean, do thank you’s, etc. So I was a little worried that we only had four weeks to pull it all together.
Luckily with our charm and persuasion skills we were able to get things together rather quickly! This was definitely reminescent of a few college projects where I spent my ever-living days and nights at Kinkos, desperately trying to get my stuff printed correctly. I designed the logo for the event which was plastered all over the invites and tee shirts.
Our event, Breast CANswer, benefitted My Vision (, an organization that supports women with breast cancer by preserving their fertility so that once they’re in remission then can have children. I thought this was awesome so I’m glad we could help donate to the cause.
The night was a mini-spa affair with a silent auction! We had a ton of people donate:
– Crumbs Cupcakes
Katie and Crumbs
– Kevin Josephson Salon
Kevin doing my hair
– American Apparel

The shirts Katie and I designed
– Goodie Bag Events
– LuxLash eyelash and brow services
– Neuro drinks
the neuro bar
– Jett Vodka
– Lisa Kline
– Dr. Frank Ryan plastic surgery
– Dr. Sands Zoom Whitening and cosmetic dentistry
– J Brand Jeans
– Le Pain
– Mary Kay cosmetics
and more!
We didn’t pay for anything except printing costs and decor because everyone was so generous and wanted to support breast cancer awareness.
Overall I think the event was fabulous – live DJ, cocktails and mocktails, appetizers, cupcakes, a candy bar, spa services – what more could we have asked for? I really want to encourage all of you to do something to make a difference this month, or at least show some support. Donate to breast cancer research, take the time to do a breast cancer test on yourself in the shower (men, you too!), participate in Race for the Cure – anything will help. This cancer affects so many people and it’s time to start being proactive in finding a cure!
my pink highlights!
The candy bar
the staff working the event
items for the auction

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