Melrose Update

Here ye, Here ye…

So I wouldn’t doubt it for one second that Melrose Place gets cancelled. It’s really a terribly boring show. However, I hope it stays on for at least five more episodes because those are the ones I’m in!
Starting next Tuesday is when I should make my .02 second TV debut. I’m slated for episodes 06/07, 07/08, 08/09 and 09/10. On the West Coast it comes on at 9:00 and for everyone it should be on the CW. First episode will be when Auggie tells Jonah that Riley kissed him. Not like I expect any of you to know these characters… I wouldn’t if I wasn’t on the show.
I’ll be playing a bar patron in the episode and then a hostess in the rest of them. My patron outfit it like metallic silver and FLAMBOYANT so you should be able see me somehow. Try and spot me!

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