Well I decided to get on iTunes and download a bunch of great songs. Here’s what I’ll be pumping up to at the gym (or walking down the street, or in the car, or…)

– It’s My Life/Confessions (Glee boys)
Um, WHO created this mash up?! Seriously, such a stroke of genius. This song is my song to Erin Enke. We would sing it in my ’97 Sebring Convertible (yes, I rocked a grandma car in high school) with the top down. Our favorite rendition had to be the Texas twang version. I still vow to this very day to sing it to her at her wedding.
This song works a lot better than the girls’ version of “Halo/Walkin’ on Sunshine” and it’s really catchy. Plus I totally dig the guy in the wheelchair’s voice. I don’t even care that they completely autotuned the song’s brains out.
– One Less Lonely Girl (Justin Bieber)
I read on Twitter that one of my friends would “totally love” this kid if she was 14 years old. Look, I don’t need to be 14 to enjoy good pop music or 14-year-old boys. Get your mind out of the gutter people. I actually have enjoyed Justin’s voice since I stumbled upon him on YouTube a year and a half ago singing a great rendition of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River.” Now he’s under the direction of Usher so I’m sure he’ll have a great career ahead of him. If you want to drift back to middle school and thank God that you’re not enduring the mental torture you (or at least I) went through during that stage in life then download “One Less Lonely Girl.”
– Haven’t Met You Yet (Michael Buble)
It’s rare that I can look at a man and get weak in the knees. I could be sitting and my knees would buckle just by taking a good look at Michael Buble. I mean OH MY GOD. The man’s voice? Screw a wedding band, I’d make him stand up on stage and sing to me the entire duration of our reception. As my friend Laura calls him, he’s a total snack pack. Yum.
This is a really cute song that offers hope to all of those out there that might have broken up with whom they thought was “the one.” Oh Michael, you’re such a cutie. And in case you’ve been living in a hole, his ex-girlfriend is the soon-to-be Mrs. John Krasinski, Emily Blunt.
– Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough (New Radicals)
If you like their song “You Get What You Give” or the movie A Walk to Remember then you’ll surely love this song from New Radicals. I forgot how wonderful it was until Val and I watched AWTR today. Every time I hear it I feel revved up, like I can conquer anything. Plus the lyrics are some of my favorites. “There’s something about you that makes me fly, you’re a heart attack just the kind I like.”

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