Wow, I am a little surprised at how many messages I got about not blogging since Monday. However a lot has gone on soooo let’s start with Sunday.

My family (Aunt, Uncle and cousins) came into town for a vacay. So they picked me up early Sunday and we headed directly to Hollywood Blvd.
We also got a “Star Map” and did touristy things like visit Michael Jackson’s home that he rented in Beverly Hills; the one he died it. It was very heartbreaking. However it was neat seeing all of the gifts, notes and letters that Michael’s fans from around the world brought to him for his birthday. There was a star tour taking place and the guide goes, “Some designer is moving into this mansion but I don’t know who” and I’m like, “It’s Christian Audigier!” Seriously, I’d be the best tour guide EVER. I think Ken Baker over at E! needs to hire me as a celebrity correspondent.
The eerie part of Michael’s home was the fact that it was two houses down from Elvis’ last home. We also went to the famous Mulholland Drive and saw all of the beautiful estates. Trust me, I’ll be living there soon. It’s so beautiful!
We saw the intersections where Halle Berry got into her accident as well as where Lindsay Lohan rolled her car. It’s like, heeeeeeeello people, these intersections are not that crazy. Learn to drive! And don’t be drunk while doing so!
After that we ventured to Melrose to shop. I mean honestly I have no idea if this is true or not, but did you know Melrose Place is coming back?! I couldn’t tell by the billions of posters all over the street. They REALLY wanted to reiterate to Melrose that the show was going to be on. Honestly, I am not to hyped up about the show. Wah wah. The only thing really drawing me in is Ashlee Simpson. It doesn’t have the pizazz that 90210 had last year.
Once we left Hollywood we headed back to Lancaster to watch my cousin play his second-to-last game of the season! Go figure that I would be in the bathroom when he hits a home run! But those aren’t few and far between, as far as I can tell he practically hits one every game. Point? MOVE HIM UP A LEAGUE! Or crickey, move him up a few leagues! I’m ready to see him hit off Andy Petite 🙂

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