So this is awkward…

I haven’t told anyone about this because I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, but last week I was called by MTV and they asked me if I’d be willing to be filmed for a potential TV series/pilot. I can’t give away too much detail, but I said yes. I faxed over my release last Friday and had my first stint of filming yesterday. It was pretty odd. I had to get all mic-ed up and then simulate different scenarios.

I think that first paragraph makes me sound like I’m on The Hills – trust me, I’m not. But I am filming again today so hopefully I don’t look like a big idiot. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me on TV soon.
So what am I doing with my life right now? Currently? I just finished my internship so I am working a lot. Other than that I’m trying to get my foot in the door with hosting so I am considering going to a few hosting workshops just to get more camera ready. If you all have any suggestions on that be sure to let me know!
Have a great Thursday! If you’re in Fort Worth go to Yucatan and drink a marg for me.

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